Create workflow efficiency

Cardio-IT has the focus to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data, or information for hospital research, medical business or other medical enterprise. When research is done. How can it be done as effective and safe as possible? Usually Excel sheets are created with lots of data. It is difficult to keep your data in one place. Tools can be programmed that your research is saved in a Webapplication database.

Specialized database applications

For example when using a program to analyse Multi-slice computer tomography (MSCT) data, the data is saved in a PDF report. Of course you can manually type each variable into an Excel sheet. Or you upload the report into a database application with much greater accuracy and speed. I am specialized in creating database applications to facilitate a much faster and more accurate workflow.

Translating ideas into a product

My background is 11 years of experience in the Interventional Cardiology as a Medical Assisting Technician. It is important to know the field so that your wishes are being translated into a product that is intuitive, user-friendly and well documented so that it is easy for anybody to work with the application.



Can be easily accessed, managed, and updated. Types of content: text, numeric and images.


On the fly charts keep you close to your data.


Gain powerful insights into your project by generating graphs and statistical output from multiple applications at once.